The incredibly accurate transcriptions and the always reliable customer service have enabled us to not only meet our ADA requirements, but it’s allowed us to provide an additional (and much appreciated) benefit to our residents, commissioners and board members... everyone we’ve worked with through Total Recall has been nothing but a pleasure to meet.
— Tom West, City Clerk, City of West Hollywood
I have the utmost trust for the services provided by Total Recall in regard to professional service, fair pricing, and concern for the customers involved… I often refer people to Total Recall for their service needs, and I will continue to do so, as I sincerely trust this company.
— Mary Cancilla, Coordinator of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Santa Monica College
Without the Total Recall team, it would be impossible for me to participate in any type of meeting. Their captioning service helps me as both a hard-of-hearing and low-vision client. Sandy and her team have worked with me over the years to enhance the captions - by font type and size, and background color - so I can easily read what they’re transcribing. Now, whenever I request captions at an event, they can automatically set up the caption program to meet my needs. We don’t have to experiment to find the right mix.
— Diane Gross, Consumer and consumer advocate for hearing and vision loss
I’m pleasantly amazed at Total Recall captionists’ extensive knowledge of vocabulary related to cochlear implants, and with the preparation that goes into each captioned event or presentation to ensure accuracy, speed of transmission, and equivalent access to spoken information.
— Camille Jones, Past President, Cochlear Implant Association, Inc.
Total Recall has been an invaluable resource… as we try to be as accessible as possible to people with disabilities, seniors and residents with limited English speaking ability. Captioners are creative, flexible, responsive and extremely professional!
— Daphne Dennis, Social Services Manager, City of West Hollywood
Sandy is a real professional. Her knowledge of the community she serves is evident in the way she pays attention to details to ensure the message comes across accurately.
— Shelley Bergum, CEO, California Communications Access Foundation, A Program of the California Public Utilities Commission
Whenever we use your company for our meetings, I have no question that everything will be handled smoothly and run efficiently. You have a personal touch and service. I would recommend your company hands down to anyone.
— Susan Petrie, Meeting Planner, Cochlear Americas (developer and manufacturer of cochlear implants)
I have known Sandy professionally for over 10 years. I consider her to be one of the best captioners… Any city would be lucky to have her on staff providing captioning for the hearing impaired.
— Jane James, Owner, CAPtioning Agency Professionals
The Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities has enlisted the services of Total Recall Realtime Captioning for over 15 years… the Commission looks forward to working with Total Recall for many years.
— Demetria (Dedie) R. Ward, Executive Office, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Total Recall… has set the gold standard for our captioning needs.
— Nanci Linke-Ellis, InSight Cinema (nonprofit corporation which brings open captioned films to theaters)
I have used captioners all across the country for presentations I’ve given on behalf of Advanced Bionics and Sandy and her team are my favorite to work with.
— AnnMarie Henson, Advanced Bionics Corp. (developer and manufacturer of cochlear implants)
Some of the members of Metro’s Accessibility Advisory Committee have speech disabilities that make it difficult for the captioner to understand or to get everything that is said. But with patience and understanding, they are able to display and record most of the conversation. We also use the transcripts to prepare the meeting minutes. Thank you, Total Recall, for making our jobs that much easier.
— Chip Hazen, ADA Compliance Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority
Sandy has been providing realtime captioning for 13WHAM-TV, Rochester, NY for eight years. 13WHAM has been a leader in live captioning of newscasts. We were the first local station in the country to provide this service to our viewers in 1983 and have received numerous Edward R. Murrow awards for the “Best Local Newscast in the Nation.” The Rochester community has a great need for quality captioning services. Most prominent is RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf… Our deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers rely on us to provide them with not only the details that are part of a daily newscast, but they also like to participate in the fun that our anchors have while on the air. This ad lib conversation is often complex to caption… Sandy is an asset to our goal of quality broadcasting.
— Patrice Lockhart, Engineer, 13WHAM-TV, Rochester, NY
Total Recall does the job every time! …When there is a need for captioning we think of Total Recall first and foremost.
— Phil Kaplan, Chairman, State of California Telecommunications Access for the Deaf and Disabled Administrative Committee
As a hard-of-hearing student, I want to know not only what professors are lecturing but also other information that is crucial. For example, when slides are shown, Sandy notes the figure and the page number. When other students laugh at a joke, she writes “student giggles” or “student laughs.” …When Sandy is in my class, I am very relaxed and ready to concentrate on my studies.
— Kimi Chung, audiologist and student (who had “never heard small talk” until it was captioned for her in class)
With Total Recall’s excellent captioning, I forgot I had a hearing problem!
— Richard Matthews, Advisory Board Member, Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program
Working with Jane Goodman of Total Recall for the past seven years… has been a completely rewarding experience. Her captioning has provided me with equal access to the classroom environment allowing me to be on the same level with other students. The decision to work with a RTC for my secondary education… was without a doubt the right one for me.
— Allison Kent, High School Senior, Granada Hills Charter High School