Onsite CART

Captioners work live at your location.  Providing CART onsite, captioners can better focus on capturing multiple speakers and environmental nuances.  Onsite CART is provided in numerous settings, including classrooms, trainings,  special events, civic sessions, business or community meetings, appointments, religious services, conferences and conventions, etc.  Captions may be displayed for one-on-one viewing on laptop, small monitor, or in some cases tablet or smart phone.  Small or large groups can view the captions on large monitors, multiple monitors or mobile devices, or projector and screen.  Onsite CART captioners are often requested again and again by clients and consumers who appreciate their personal touch, professionalism, and high-quality service. 

Remote CART

The CART captioner works from a remote location, listening to your event via phone or internet audio source, such as Skype.  Captions are relayed through a high-speed network connection using streaming technology.  Remote CART provides communication access in numerous settings just like onsite CART, and there are many viewing options.  Remote CART users can be in one room or in multiple locations.  They can receive live captions on their computers or mobile devices.  For groups, participants can log in via laptops, tablets, or smart phones; a large audience could view remote CART using a projector and screen.  Remote CART can also be embedded in your webinar, live YouTube video, and may add a whole new market to your streaming radio or video programming.   Remote CART is useful for medical or other private appointments, providing access without an additional person present in the room.  Remote CART can be mobile and thus useful in walking tours, receptions, or other situations where people are moving about.

Broadcast Captioning

Realtime broadcast captioning is provided using the client's caption encoder, creating open or closed captions.  Broadcast events include council and committee meetings, commencements and ceremonies, sporting events, as well as news, interviews, and talk shows.  Broadcast captioners work from a remote location, and usually the client provides two dedicated phone lines, one for the audio feed and one connected to the encoder to receive the captions.  Caption placement and number of lines is at client's discretion.  

Spanish CART

We offer live Spanish captioning for broadcasts of all sorts and the choice of open or closed captioning.  Spanish CART can be utilized for diverse situations such as classrooms, seminars, civic meetings, business or community events, appointments, special engagements, churches and temples, conferences, and conventions.  Bilingual Spanish/English CART is available for environments where Spanish and English are spoken concurrently, providing communication access in a host of settings including beginning Spanish courses, appointments, community meetings, etc.  

Large Group CART

There are many advantages in displaying captions to your whole audience.  Very often there are untold people with hearing loss or who use English as a second language, and captions give them inclusion and access to your information.  Other audience members use the captions to fill in or provide clarification.  And our clients receive positive feedback simply because captions are available for all to see.  CART captioning for large groups can be provided onsite or remotely.

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